Daniela Kubesch


Daniela Kubesch smiling into the camera. She has long, wavy, dark-blonde hair and wears glasses.

Who is Daniela Kubesch?

Daniela Kubesch is an accessibility engineer who is passionate about user experience and inclusive design. She strongly believes in equality and inclusion and is committed to making digital services accessible. Daniela is currently graduating with two master’s degrees (MSc) in Web Engineering (opens in a new tab) and Digital Service Innovation (opens in a new tab), during which she researched the impact accessibility overlays have on individuals with visual impairments. Daniela is also a co-creator of a11yphant.com (opens in a new tab), a platform that teaches the basics of web accessibility.

Find me on

X (former Twitter) (opens in a new tab), Mastodon (opens in a new tab) or LinkedIn (opens in a new tab). If you want to get in touch you can also write me an email to hey@dnikub.dev.