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allyphant (written A-11-Y-phant) teaches developers the basics of web accessibility. Learn step by step by completing short, interactive coding challenges and quizzes.

In an ideal world, all websites are designed and developed so everyone can use them. Sadly, many websites do not comply with web accessibility guidelines. Therefore, especially people with impairments and disabilities are barred from using them. One of the main problems is that many developers don't know enough about web accessibility. allyphant wants to improve this situation by giving them a tool for learning accessibility in a fun, interactive way.

The a11yphant website where users can complete interactive challenges on web accessibility. The a11yphant website where users can complete interactive challenges on web accessibility.

But what is allyphant?

allyphant is an interactive online course for web accessibility. In this course, you will revisit web development topics from an accessibility perspective. For example, how to make sure that assistive technologies like screen readers can interact with the website? Or, what is the purpose of the different semantic HTML elements? These are some of the things you will learn by writing meaningful markup and completing quizzes.

Coding-Challenges and Quizzes

Various accessibility topics are split up into short challenges. On allyphant, you solve coding levels and single-choice quizzes in each challenge. Each level teaches you one thing at a time. Our evaluation provides you with detailed feedback on our success criteria. If you struggle to solve a challenge, hints will help you out.

Meet the team

allyphant started as a master’s project created by six students at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (Austria)(opens in a new tab). Concept and Development by Daniela Kubesch, Luca Pircher(opens in a new tab), Thomas Dax(opens in a new tab) and Michael Hinterhofer(opens in a new tab). Interface and Corporate Design by Johanna Wicht(opens in a new tab) and Fabian Heller(opens in a new tab).

As we hope to make the world more inclusive, we continue developing allyphant as an Open Source project. So, if you find an accessibility issue or want to contribute or support us in any other way, please let us know.

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